Wayne & Terry Baltz

We have three feature-length screenplays available for purchase or production collaboration:

Genre: Biography/Drama/History
Logline: HENRY DAVID Thoreau, who craves to live his life in Nature and to live it free, risks all when he takes on the government in his fight against Slavery. The life of the much revered -- but little truly known -- American writer.
Tag: Ahead of his time. In time for ours.

Genre: Family, 'Tween Mystery/Adventure/Comedy with Fantasy elements
Logline: When an 11-year-old detective discovers a mysterious "soap," her lifelong wish -- invisibility -- is suddenly reality. But her best friend and her dog hate it, her nosey nemesis is getting nosier, and now some very scary thugs have their eye on the soap -- and on her.
Tag: Invisibility: There's more to it than meets the eye.

Genre: Drama
Logline: A couple living happily on society's fringes undergo a baptism of fire after taking on the care of the woman's indomitable mother -- who has Alzheimer's.
Tag: An uncommon love story.

We are currently working to bring these projects to the screen, either through collaboration
with other production companies or individual film professionals, or through sale to
capable and committed entities. If you are interested in participating
financially or artistically, please
or call 970-493-6593.

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