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A person can be defined by many things. Terry and Wayne Baltz are writers, teachers, and amateur astronomers. They are adventurous nature lovers, reside in a small cabin at 8,000 feet in the mountains of northern Colorado ten miles from the nearest paved road, and rely on the sun to produce their electricity. They are self-reliant, have built their own passive solar home, and their own publishing business. Over the course of the last twenty years they have shared the joy of writing and a few of the wonders of the heavens with over 80,000 school children, and some adults as well.

In FIERCE BLESSING, their memoir for adult readers, they are husband and wife. Terry a daughter, Wayne a son-in-law. They are a family. For four years they cared for Terry's mother, Helen, as she moved through the increasingly debilitating stages of Alzheimer's disease. They became caregivers, attendants, advocates; parents to a parent.

"Our experience was, to be sure, almost always profoundly difficult, and by turns saddening, frightening, and infuriating. But it proved also to be enlivening and enriching, at times even hilarious," says Wayne. "Ours was a broader, more complex, and far more richly rewarding experience than we had anticipated, or been led to believe awaited us."

Wayne Baltz holds a BS in Education and an MS in Counseling Psychology, has taught public school, worked with children and adults in psychiatric treatment settings, and administered an independent-living program for developmentally disabled adults. Terry Baltz is the author of four picture books. She holds a BA in English and an MS in Human Development and Family Studies, has coordinated parent education programs and taught developmentally disabled adults. Together the Baltzes have co-authored four novels for children and Fierce Blessing, their memoir for adult readers.

Terry and Wayne live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Their nearest neighbors are deer and elk, badgers and bears, coyotes and bobcats, bluebirds and wrens, and incredibly starry skies.

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