Author-Visit Programs
Whether presenting individually or together, Terry and Wayne Baltz offer relaxed, interactive presentations for your students that are both educational and entertaining, and are suitable for all age levels. They not only talk about the nuts and bolts of writing but speak from the heart about who they are, and why and how they do the work they do.

"It's not just about writing and reading. It's about honor and effort and doing the best one can, not only in writing but in every sphere of life." 

"We pride ourselves on our child-centered approach, as well as our willingness to be flexible in meeting the needs of your school."
Please contact us with your questions or ideas.
970-493-6593 (anytime)
"The students and teachers are still on cloud nine and talking about your visit."
Mary Griscom
3rd grade teacher

Preliminary cover sketch,
The Invisible Kid And The Intergalactic RV
(Illustration copyright by Gary Raham. Used by permission.)
Our Goal

is to explore the writing process with kids, helping them see it as something enjoyable and worthwhile, as well as something they can do. We share our own experiences and encourage self-confidence, self-expression and fun.

"Being able to interact with real authors about writing helped the students see the relevance of what they are learning at school. We all loved you and your presentation."
Nancy McGinnis 
3rd grade teacher
Call us 970-493-6593  with any questions!
Wayne or Terry will either answer the phone or call you back soon.

A Typical Day

consists of 3-4 presentations, a book signing, and informal time (between sessions, lunch, recess, etc.) when the author is on-campus and available to students and teachers alike.
For the formal sessions, the children should be grouped by age. A group might be comprised of a grade level, two adjacent grade levels (e.g. 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th), or, in small schools, even three grade levels. Although the authors can present to virtually any size group, a maximum of 125 students per session is recommended. Often groupings are smaller, which allows for better individual student participation. In these sessions the authors provide a first-hand look at the writing, editing, art, and book manufacture processes, with materials to examine close up, and often engage students in oral storymaking and creative thinking exercises.

Wayne and Terry are not only authors but publishers as well, so the children can ask questions about any facet of the writing and creative process. They also welcome honest, respectful questions about aspects of their personal lives, motivations, and experiences as writers and fellow human beings.

In addition to the formal sessions, autographing of books is a part of every visit.

Variations on this schedule (split days, extra or fewer sessions, after school or evening availability) can be arranged. Call 970-493-6593 with any question or idea you would like to discuss.


 Following are our rates for programs during the normal school day. Call or email us for evening program availability and fees:
970-493-6593 or

2 Sessions = $275 + travel
3 Sessions = $350 + travel
4 Sessions = $395 + travel

Our rates include a number of FREE BOOKS for each participating school. Call (970-493-6593) to confer with us on preparations for and scheduling of the day.

   Although these are single author prices, whenever possible both Terry and Wayne will appear at your school for no additional professional fee. Their lively joint presentations provide the bonus of role-modeling for both sexes and demonstrate teamwork (and sometimes even conflict resolution!) in action.

Books will be available to your students and staff at a discount.

"Your production was fabulous!!
You will definitely be 
to others."
Leah Lee, Teacher

"Thanks again for providing
such a wonderful day of
enrichment for our children."
Mary Anderson
Parent volunteer
"I have always wanted to become a writer and you have influenced me even more to follow my dream."
8th grade student

For further information, or a price quote for your specific need:

or call us:  970-493-6593

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