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The Invisible Kid and Dr. Poof's Magic Soap The Invisible Kid And Dr. Poof's Magic Soap
ISBN: 1-884610-11-0 
SC, 136pp; ages 7-12; book 1 of a series

   I always wanted to be invisible. But I never expected it to really happen. 
   When I was little I used to prowl around the house pretending to be the One And Only Invisible Detective. I could see everybody and nobody could see me. That was better than even Sherlock Holmes.
   But all that was before I got mixed up with Dr. Poof and my friend Kathleen's weird Uncle Terence O'Toole. That's when I really did get invisible.
   And that's when all the trouble began.

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The Invisible Kid and The Killer Cat The Invisible Kid And The Killer Cat 
ISBN: 1-884610-12-9
SC, 127pp; ages 7-12; book 2 of a series 

   Eddie turned the knob and I pushed the door open slowly. Bumps sniffed and wagged his tail, then led us into the dark and deserted room. We tiptoed past furniture that lurked like tombstones. Shadows crept up the walls. 
   Something black, with glowing yellow eyes, sprang at us from the gloom. We stumbled out into the hall. The door slammed shut after us. We tore down the stairs, careening off each other like billiard balls, and landed in a heap at the bottom.
   "Casey, where's Bumps?" Eddie said.
   We looked up the stairs. The door to the apartment was shut tight.
   Bumps was in there. With the Killer Cat.

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The Invisible Kid And The Intergalactic RV
ISBN: 1-884610-13-7
SC, 127pp; ages 7-12; book 3 of a series

   "What galaxy are you from?" I asked.
   The light in the tower room went out as if by magic, and stars popped out in the sky. He pointed. "Andromeda," he said. "On a clear night like this you can just barely see it."
   "I don't see anything," I said. "Just a little whiff of cloud."
   He smiled. "That's not a cloud. Not like you mean, anyway. It's a cloud of stars. More than a hundred billion suns. My planet orbits one of them."

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Night of the Falling Stars Night Of The Falling Stars
ISBN: 1-884610-51-X
SC, 181pp; ages 10 and up

   Lisa, 15, hates her new home: a small town in the Colorado Rockies. On the Night Of The Falling Stars she falls into a hot springs pool and back in time -- to 1833, when the Ute Indians called the Shining Mountains home. 
   Nothing would ever be the same again.

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"A super story. . . I didn't want it to end." 
Jill Cummings
4th grade teacher,
"They're great books." 
Kimberly Taylor
former Executive Director
Colorado Center for the Book
"You have created a grand book. You have found a way to touch people's hearts."
7th grade student,
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